Our Mission

4 Paws Only's mission is their clients, the pets!

At 4 Paws Only our mission is our clients, your pet!

At 4 Paws Only we focus on the pet as a whole – made up of both body and soul.  We are proud to say that we pay attention and value every aspect of the animal’s life:

  • diet
  • emotions
  • environment
  • and individual needs

The sole purpose of following this philosophy is to achieve a much healthier and happier life for all pets under our care. That’s why we truly believe in and following holistic care.

The Meaning of Holistic
The term holistic comes from the Greek word “holos” meaning “whole”. The holistic approach to life takes into account an individual’s whole being as a single structure, not as a collection of individual parts.

All structures inside an organism are connected and affected by both positive and negative conditions. To achieve a harmonious balance between all conforming parts, all respects should be considered to obtain the right results.

Holistic pet care considers the impact that disposition and emotions have on pet’s overall health. When it is used to design a diet regime or to treat an illness, the holistic approach doesn’t just focus on the symptoms given by the condition, but rather seeks the underlying causes. Holistic methods are grounded in proven natural principles and practices, many of which have been around for centuries.

At 4 Paws Only we give your dog the attention and care only you as owner can give.

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